Saturday, March 14, 2020

Documents of Chapter Eight Recollections of a Strike(1838),1 essays

Documents of Chapter Eight Recollections of a Strike(1838),1 essays Until American Civil War, the industrial development was not powerful in America. Most of industries were depend on the Europe. However, the America industries developed the most powerful in 1900. during the nineteen centuries, many inventions helped to developed industries in America. For example, Edison, Thomas Alva invented electric lamp, and Bell, Alexander Graham contrived a telethon. Many inventions changed peoples life. They could crop more than before. In the agriculture, highly mechanized agriculture produced a lager quantity and reduced time to harvest. Although many inventions helped people, the people lost their job. Most of laborers negotiated with a manager for their skills and tools. However, after then the laborers tumbled down like a supervisor for the instruments. The labor became a simple physical working not a skill, the laborers were put outside that the factories fired them whenever they wanted. During that time, many immigrations, black people, women, and children got into the labor market. So the competition severed for get a job, the factories presented labor condition in one-side to the people. Also, the woman laborers and child laborers were increasing because they worried in lower wages than men. Lowell, the first factory employed Yankee women recruited from the nearby countryside. There was no policy that the government kept watch on the factories. Low wages, monopoly, and child labor were not unlawfulness. In addition, the laborers worked over fifteen hours in the bad condition. Many laborers were painful because of chemicals, dust, and a pollution material. The instrument was more important to the factories. The people did not matter to the factories. While the laborers were ill treated like an animal, they wanted to get over the situation. They also wanted to find their right. The first thing that the laborers tried to find their right was strikes. The wages were to be cut down, great indign...

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