Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Case Study Anylsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Case Study Anylsis - Essay Example Strengths: Burberry had strong and effective management team. Effective licensing growth of the company delivered huge incremental return on its capital investment. The brand had been offering heritage product to its premium customers. The company was very flexible in terms of product sourcing. And it had cost effective exposure of lower transactional. Weakness: Limited vertical integration minimised the manufacturing margin and value. Low influence in Japanese upside Its Brand extension in apparel segment has increased high risk in fashion industry. Answer 2. Burberry had the market position in between top brands like Giorgio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren in apparel and between Gucci and coach in accessories. The decision of Bravo to reposition the brand is to get the attraction of the younger customers towards the brand while getting Burberry’s customer base. The goal was to become top brand in the luxury greats. Bravo did not want to cutting edge the classical fashion trend of Burberry but it aimed to be popular in the new generation by reengineering the brand position in the market. Answer 3. Bravo and the effective team decided to reduce the dated product designed which created a huge unsold stock. It hired new efficient team for redesigning the product according to the trend of young generation and their choices so that the brand will be popular to this demographic segment of market. Lastly Burberry came up with new image of new designed product line. Teenager is so much different from someone else’s lifestyle that lives in the English countryside, just as the lifestyle of a banker is very different from the lifestyle of a fusionist. So unless we have a strong vision and speak with a consistent voice, we run the risk of losing our brand credibility. Answer 4. In 2002, the company was having 3126 wholesale clients in the world which consist of 434 medium and large departmental stores and 2728 company owned outlets. The company opened more 132 small stores in Barcelona, New York and London. It has a large number of existing customer base who are maximum classical and traditional choice of people who actually previously used to buy the old designed product of Burberry. By 2003, Burberry items, both legitimate and counterfeit, had become increasingly popular among urban youth and hip-hop musicians. A member of the house in the reality TV series Big Brother had worn Burberry constantly. Although this brand affiliation was viewed a positive sign that Burberry had achieved inspirational status among youth, there was a concern that this affiliation could eventually alienate Burberry's core customers. Answer 5. In keeping with the brand’s rough weather heritage, the women swear line traditionally focused on the autumn/winter season; however, it had evolved in recent years to include apparel for warmer climates. The spring/summer 2000 collection had even featured Burberry check bikinis, which had proven to be enormously po pular. The company offered 330 to 350 styles per season, and the collection had been updated to include a wider assortment of fashion-influenced apparel. The accessories collection included â€Å"soft† accessories such as scarves, shawls, and ties, as well as â€Å"hard† accessories such as handbags, small leather goods (belts and wallets), women’s shoes, luggage, umbrellas, eyewear, and timepieces. As Pamela Harper, head of accessories, explained, â€Å"Accessories are a piece of the dream†; their wide range of price points made them an accessible entry point for

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